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Simple design tip to create depth in your house: triangulation.


This is a word that interior designers use to create a “triangle” in the home. This photo, for example, uses two end tables and a piece of art as the top. See it?


Give it a try! This is one of the simplest design tricks to incorporate in your house. Where can you use triangulation in your home?


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A Certain Shade of Green

Spring is rapidly approaching, and this season we are loving all things green.

This month’s Trend Watch (which can always be found on our website) shows us how to incorporate green in your rooms.

insideout color chartWhy do we love green so much? It’s a perfect mix between a cool relaxing blue and a warm energizing yellow- which means that green can fit whatever mood you’re in.

Green also gives off the feeling of health and tranquility  and since it is prominent in nature, it allows a natural and easy going feel in your room.

You can add green to your house by designing your whole room around it, picking a color scheme and working from there, or just adding some perfect green accents to your room.

What shade of green should you pick?

It’s best to first identify the overall theme of your house. Is your furniture modern or traditional? Do you tend to pick light or dark furniture? Do you want your room to look young and fresh, or mature and comfortable?

Brighter and grassy greens tend to make your space feel young and fresh. Pair it with modern, dark woods or white furniture to complete your contemporary look.

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Muted Greens help your room look more traditional and mature. Dark woods are also a good choice, but look for the more traditional furniture. Grand antique inspired furniture will add the character of a well aged room.  

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Not sure which green speaks to you? Start with the color choice! Here are some color choices that can fit whatever feeling you’re trying to portray in your house. 

green matches

And as always- if you’re not ready to commit to a green wall or couches, just throw some accents in! green collage

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Get the Vintage Casual Look

You’ve heard of it before: vintage casual. It’s endearing, and somehow manages to make old, worn decor look chic and one of a kind.

But for those who weren’t born with the natural ability to design a room with a simple vision, how do you create a vintage casual house? First, let’s note that vintage casual tends to take looks of European country, beach-house and American farmhouses and then combines them in an effortless and relaxed theme in your house.

Where do you start?


Take a time out: Appreciate things that look worn, take notice of pieces with a story or a history. Pieces with worn or distressed wood or even linens that look like they have been washed more than your favorite pair of jeans are a great start. Metal accents should look burnished, as though they have been passed down in your family.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, visit your grandparents, your friend’s grandparents, watch old movies- find pieces that speak to you and then seek out to find it.


Slipcovers: Fortunately, we don’t have to follow EVERYTHING our dear Grandma did, we will never recommend those uncomfortable plastic slipcovers. Instead, get cotton canvas slipcovers, or couches with plain patterns so that you can really show your style through accent pieces.

Use slipcovers throughout your house- upholstery,  beds, dining chairs and pair it with rustic pieces of wood for the farmhouse look.

Color Pallet: Accent your  house with calm, neutral colors: soft khaki, mild olive, cool grays and white. If you want more color consider soft yellows, salmon and rustic red.

cottageaccentsgroup2  Lucretia - Sand

Remember: accentuate. Don’t just slip a cover on your couch and call it a day, the perk of a vintage casual look is the ability to add as many accents as you would like to create your own style. Remember, this look is meant to be one-of-a-kind. So make it your own!

mirrow tob orange Path Includedsade lamp 

The best part of a vintage casual house- it gets to be completely your style. Rummage your city’s thrift stores, find those fun accent pieces that speak to you. It’s alright if they don’t all match exactly, because that’s the beauty of it- no one can define your vintage casual style better than you.

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Maximizing Your Space In a Small Dining Room

A small dining room does not mean that you need to have a small style.

Follow these tips to make a big statement in a small room.

Maximizing Your Space In a Small Dining Room

1) Choose chairs with no arms. This will help if you need to add more chairs in when guests arrive. It also takes less space by the table, so your small table will not seem to be overwhelmed with chairs.

2) Choose a small chandelier. Don’t think that just because your dining room is small you can settle for a lamp in the corner or your overhead lights- all dining rooms deserve ambiance. Pick a stylish, yet modestly sized chandelier. Again, this is so your table doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the overhead light. It can also give the illusion that your table is bigger than it actually is by comparison.

3) Light colors– Now this is not always true, there are some amazing designs in small rooms with dark colors, and if you’re feeling adventurous, we are in no position to stop you. However, as a more common rule, keep the table, wall color, and major pieces of furniture light to create a more airy space. Pick a darker accent color to keep the eye moving in the room, to bring attention to a few objects, and to create a nice contrast.

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I’ve got the Blues

The color blue is commonly known as a symbol of strength, trust, dependability and wealth.

Sounds good, right?

yvette steel collage

Don’t go too blue– It’s easy to pick a color and then find it in every shade for your room to introduce a blue overload. While we do love color on color mixes, blue is a great color to mix up with white, yellow or gray.

Pairing it with light colors will transform your room to look airy, light and even bring that ‘beach’ aspect in your house.

What color do you use to decorate your room?

Giving Beds to Children in Our Community

A Hope to Dream was started by Ashley Furniture Homestore in 2010 with one goal in mind: to provide less fortunate children in our community with a  bed so that they can have a good night of sleep.

Ashley Furniture Homestores in Ca (the 17 homestores) has taken up the challenge, and to date has given over 2,000 beds to children in our communities.

We were fortunate enough to get to meet with one of the families who recently received some beds- and were overjoyed to hear how much a simple bed can mean to someone.

hope to dream fam
Dayja, 15. Mischalae, mother, and Harlem, 3

Mother of five energetic and bubbly children, Mischelae, shared their story with us:

“We applied for the Hope to Dream program because my children didn’t have any beds. We were living at my mom’s house when there was a electrical fire- it started in my room and burned down the entire house, all of her antiques,  photos, our furniture… everything. Her church helped her find a smaller place, but my children and I were put into a shelter. Finally, someone offered to let me move into this apartment. It’s small, with only 2 bedrooms, but we are blessed to have it.

Before we received the beds from Ashley Furniture, we were given bunk beds from a neighbor- but we didn’t have any mattresses so they couldn’t even use them. I had two of my children sharing a bed with me, and we would push the couches together to use as a bed for my other children.”

hope to dream dayja

Dayja, age 15 and the oldest of the 5 children shares that she is so thankful for the new beds. “They are so soft and I’m glad to finally have my own bed. Usually my siblings wake up a lot during the night, but last night they slept all night on their new beds and didn’t even wake up when I left for school! That’s never happened before.” Now Dayja can get a full night of sleep to help her continue her success in school; despite their family’s troubles, she proudly holds a 4.2 GPA at her high school, where she takes all honors classes.

Mischelae shares. “We’re close to moving into an apartment with one extra bedroom so my children can have more space. We are so blessed for getting these new beds.”

Two of her children were at an afterschool tutoring program and were not pictured, but Mischelae stated that they were so excited and thankful for their new beds, “Especially since the beds came on the birthday of my 8 year old. She was jumping up and down because she got a great birthday present.”

Hearing stories like this make us so grateful to be a part of a community that gives.

hope to dream

Did you know?

That $5 from every single mattress sold at Ashley Furniture Homestores goes to the Hope

This year, we have a goal to give 1,600 bedto Dream project.

hope to dream harlems to children who need it!

Visit our facebook page to find the link that will lead you to the page where you can apply for a brand new bed for a child in need.

Layer Up!

designer tip layer up Not everyone loves a lot of color in their room. You pick a color you like, and you stick with it. That’s fine! Just help your room seem more dynamic by adding patterns. Picking patterns that are in the color scheme that you love and layering them throughout your room with help keep the eye moving. It will add depth and some texture to your room!

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