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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide- For Him

Let’s face it, not all men are the same- so why do tend to buy them the same gifts? While watches, cologne and new ties are a nice touch, let’s try something new this Valentine’s Day.

We’ve created a simple list of ideas for your kind of guy.

For The Business Man:

Some men feel more comfortable in a suit and tie than in blue jeans, they always have an e-mail to respond to, and their ideal room isn’t complete without a desk and laptop. Don’t you think that their office will look nicer with some personal touches from you?

gifts for the business man1 Trishelle Desk– His home office should be equipped with everything- give him enough storage space for his laptop, photos of the family, files and anything else he would like to display.

2. Neck Tie Coffee Mug– If he’s always dressed up, his coffee mug might as well be. Get creative, there’s a coffee mug for every occasion, pick his favorite team, photo, quote.. whatever! Get one made for him and help him make it through his early mornings.

3. Customized Pen– You can get anything engraved on this personal pen- your anniversary date, favorite quote, or a lovely reminder.

4. Custom Book Ends– Book ends can really help personalize his space. Just like coffee mugs, they have book ends for almost every occasion- his favorite movie, animal, past time etc. Shop around for one that fits him perfectly.

5. Lobink Bookcase–  Change up his bookshelf from the standard everyday shelf, to this “collection case”. It will divide his storage space so he can display photos, one of a kind memorabilia and photos.

6. Deidra Accessory Group– Offices can get boring with only a laptop and some paperwork- add some sophistication to his space with these sleek and modern accessory pieces. They will add just a touch of decoration, without making his space cluttered.

For the Modern Man:

Some men like to stay on top of trends- they prefer the sleek black and white lines over colorful chaos and this can be reflected in their room, clothing and even their car. Help enhance their style with a few of these gifts.

gifts for the modern man 1.  Matrix Chair–  This chair is perfect for an in-home office. It’s comfortable enough to sit and work, and sleek enough to match his taste.

2. Akello Wall Art– Bring the city life to him, whether it’s his office, bedroom or living room. This piece of art is simple and is large enough to be a center point in a room.

3. Custom Cufflinks- Give him the reminder that he needs when he’s stressed at work or mingling at parties that you love him. You can even customize the date to give him a helpful reminder when your anniversary is coming up.

4. Callum End Table– The perfect addition to the side of his bed for late night reading. Add a lamp of your choice to make it more his style.

5. Men’s candles- Men like to smell good, too! Who doesn’t like to walk into a room that smells clean and fresh? There are plenty of candles catered specifically for men, these Blind Barber candles are just an example, but other candles have scents that range anywhere from leather and honey, to bacon and french fries!

For the Vintage Inspired:

If he appreciates decor that looks like it was made years ago, give him some vintage style accent to make his space more unique.

gifts for the vintage man

1. Kinning Chair – Give Him his own space with a one of a kind accent chair. It will bring an extra touch of style without overbearing his space.

2. Chateau Keys Wall Decor– Vintage inspired wall decor to accenuate his living room, bedroom or even office.

 3. Compass Cuff links – Stray away from typical silver and gold cuff links. These small pieces will help make his work attire more “him”

4. Rustic Accent Cabinet-   Everyone needs storage space, and let’s face it- he might not always love sharing his closet, dresser and cabinets with you. Give him his own space. Don’t worry, it can sit tightly in a corner and will probably give you more closet space. It’s a win win.

5.  Custom Engraved Watch – No need to reinvent the wheel. Watches really are a classic gift, make it better by engraving a special reminder on the back.

For the Sports Fan-

For the man that prefers staying in and watching the game. Maybe if you give him his own personal man cave, he will thank you with a gorgeous romantic dinner (not that we’re trying to bribe or anything…)

gifts for the sports fan1. Masterton Extra Large TV Stand- Splurge a little. If his favorite thing to do is stay home on Sundays to watch the game, let him watch it in style. This TV stand comes complete with storage for dvds, video games or whatever else you may need to quickly hide when guests are coming over.

2. Sports Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries– You’re not the only one who likes to see that box full of sweets on Valentines Day. Make this box all about him with custom sports themed strawberries.. and if you’re brave enough, you can even decorate these yourselves! (We would love to see a picture of your work if you do) 

3. Custom “Man Cave” Sign- Let him make his space a home, give him his personalized man cave sign so he can truly enjoy his own space.

4. Engraved Baseball Bat- Customize a baseball bat so he can remember that you love him during his game, or he can even hang it proudly in his room as a really awesome keepsake.

5.  Lenoris Reclining Loveseat– This is crucial for any man cave. Give him a space to sit back and relax with you or if he has friends over to kick back and watch the game. This loveseat reclines manually or you can choose a power recliner- and best of all: no end tables required. There’s a middle console for the remote, and cup holders included. He might never leave the room.

We hope this helps you brainstorm for an amazing Valentines Day! Please note- Ashley Furniture Homestores are independently owned and operated, if you see something you love you can always call your local homestore to check what they have and what specials are running.

Why you love your furniture but hate your room

If you fell in love with the furniture set at the store but bring it home and find that it’s just too much for your room, don’t fret- the problem can be something as simple as  your  color scheme.

For example, it’s easy to find a big, dark brown, bedroom set and then be drawn to dark colors that look great with it, but you might want to try some light colors instead.

Why? If you have light colors on your bed, walls, floor etc. then it will draw the eye toward the main pieces of the furniture. It will give a direct “landing” mark for your eyes to know where to rest.

Here’s a great example of bold furniture and how a soft colors used to complement the pieces.

Path Included

 Notice that they didn’t skimp on color- there is a variation of pinks, tans, and even a subtle green surrounding the bed and  dressers. They are using accent colors to do just that-accent the room, not overpower the room.

So if you’re feeling like your room is a mess of color, it might be because you aren’t giving your eyes a rest! Lighten up some colors to create that focal point that you need in every room.

Give it a try, swap some of your dark accessories for a lighter pallet and see if it makes a difference.

Share your before and after pictures with us on our facebook page. AshleyFurnitureHomestoreCa

A Hope To Dream

Do you know a child who is in need of a bed?

Ashley Furniture Homestore gives $5 of every single mattress sold to A Hope to Dream. This program was started in 2010 with the goal in mind to give less fortunate children in our community a warm bed to sleep on at night.

Our goal for 2014 is to give out 1,600 beds! We need your help, support the cause by purchasing any mattress from Ashley Furniture Homestore, or referring a child ages 3-16 who are in need of a bed.

a hope to dream head

Click here to learn more about the program, or to refer a child.

Soften your Hardwood floors.

We love hardwood floors. They’re easier to keep clean than carpet, they’re durable,  and of course, they make any house look amazing.

However, there are downsides to the beloved hardwood floor- and one of the problems is in the name itself. They’re hard.

Along with giving off a look of sophistication and adding structural strength to your home, hardwood floors can also give off the feeling of ‘cold’ and ‘uncomfortable’ (your feet can probably vouch for that when you just get out of bed on a cold morning without slippers). While entertaining guests, ‘cold’ and ‘uncomfortable’ are definitely not that impressions you want to leave. But there is an easy fix-

area rugs.

If you’ve ever been to one of our homestores, you might have noticed that our furniture displays always include an area rug. Why? Because we understand that a simple rug can unify your room– it shows that this cluster of furniture is intended and goes together.

So take a look at these photos:

Mestler Dining Image Kira Bedroom
Lensar Nutmeg

Notice anything?

Area Rugs.

We really do take them for granted, but imagine any of these rooms without one- suddenly there’s an empty and incomplete feeling, missing that simple touch of coziness and warmth.

So how do you pick the right rug? There’s a few things to focus on before running out and buying the first eye-catching rug you see

Location: Where will you be adding this rug? Smaller rugs are generally seen in kitchens, bathrooms, or smaller rooms. Larger rugs will typically be seen in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Traffic: Is this a high traffic area? Say the rug will be used in your living room and you entertain often, pick a dark colored rug or even one with bold patterns so they do not get noticeably dirty. If it’s in the fancy dining room you eat at for Thanksgiving only, don’t be afraid to try a lighter color.

Color: Use this opportunity to accent select colors in your room, if your room is mostly in one color, use this opportunity to add a pop to your room. Use your rug to enhance or complement the room, not to overpower the room.

Check out a few examples, put together by our Visual Merchandising Lead-

hariston couch  +   shitake rug

Hariston Shitake Loveseat

hindell park   + porter dining rug

Hindell Park Dining 

porter bed  +  hindlepark rug

Porter Bedroom 

Each rug is used to enhance the furniture, it goes well with each piece without taking your eye off of the furniture you love so much.

Do you have any questions about which rug is right for you? Let us know! We’re happy to help. Happy Decorating!

Pillow Talk

Are you a victim? Tan walls, tan couches, tan coffee table, tan pillows, tan rugs, tan TV stand. Ok, This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

So, are you a victim of a boring living room?

We get it. You bought the whole furniture set, settled for a wall color that you knew would match with everything and are now slightly underwhelmed by your room. Don’t fret, there’s a simple solution to your colorless woes:

accent pillows

pillow talk    pillow talk 2

They’re a safe, not committal, and inexpensive way to give your room a color face lift. So where do you start?

  1. Image

     Pick a color scheme. (If you’d like to be the most trendy on your block, consider accenting with Pantone’s Color of the Year) 

  2.  Mix it up. Now that you’ve found the theme or specific color you love, mix and match designs and patterns. Grab some solid pillows if you want, but pair it with a bold choice like an ikat accent pillow. If you have a solid couch, mix it with textured pillows- this will help add definition to your room.
  3.  Layer. Whether you bought your couch for comfort or style, you can always use more cushion. Start with your biggest pillows in the back, and decrease in size.
    Typically, you add two pairs of pillows on each side of your couch, but be bold and add an extra ‘stand alone’ pillow in the middle.
  4.  Make it picture perfect. Let’s be realistic, if you have kids running around, or use your couches for frequent naps, you will not have a picture perfect living room all of the time- but when guests are arriving, make your living room look picture perfect by angling the pillows toward the middle for an inviting look, fluff your pillows and give them a “dog ear” affect by giving the top of your pillows a karate chop.

Simple enough, right? We have a variety of accent pillows that can completely change the look of your room. And the best part is, pillows are an inexpensive way to change the look of your living room as often as you’d like. 

So get started, what accent colors are you going to add in your room?

instagram logoShow us how have livened up your room! Send us a comment to show off your work, OR upload a photo to instagram and tag @ashleyfurniturehomestoreca
We’d love to see what you’ve done with the place.


A Colorful New Year

It’s a new year, which for some people means resolutions, goals and promises- but for designers, it means one thing: what new trends will be coming this year?

Specifically, what color should I use to decorate?

Pantone unveils 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid

Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year
Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year


Gorgeous, right?

Our Trend Watch features Grey and White as the colors to watch for this year. How does this all connect?

Simple, experts have stated Radiant Orchid will be a perfect accent color for walls, flowers, pillows etc. And we couldn’t agree more. Using a neutral, but sophisticated base color like gray will ensure that you can always switch up your accents without having to break the bank to redecorate an entire room. 

Path Included  

Will you be incorporating this color in your house? 

We want to know if you are! Upload your design to isntagram with the hashtag #myashleydesigns in the caption and let us know!

Find us on instagram: AshleyFurnitureHomestoreCA

We can’t wait to see what you’re doing with the place!